NuveStack FAQ

NuveStack is a Platform as a Service. NuveStack offers the next generation in Cloud Services and IT Resources for Small and Medium Sized Businesses. We provide a Virtual IT Backbone for our customers delivering Cloud & IT Resources (Cloud IT) that, up to now, were prohibitively expensive and too complex for smaller organizations (with small or unsophisticated IT departments) to implement.

NuveCenter is our innovative Virtual Cloud-IT Software Platform that automates and simplifies all of the tasks associated with the migration, setup, management and support of our cloud services. NuveCenter optimizes the time, efficiency and productivity of every employee in your organization.

Yes! With NuveStack, you’ll never need to pay extra for a support plan. Our support team is committed to your business, we’ve got you every step of the way, from Infrastructure all the way to the End User Help Desk calls.

Yes. We offer a full money back guarantee.

Security & Compliance

NuveStack’s Cloud-IT is by far the best way for businesses to secure their computing. All Customer data, computing resources and communications are stored behind firewalls in secure Data Centers. NuveStack eliminates the storage of documents on your local end points so your data can’t be lost or stolen, or accidently put at risk by end users. Data traffic is protected by encryption between our Cloud and your local endpoints. Your data/documents can also be encrypted at rest inside our Cloud.

Small and Medium Size Businesses face the dilemma of needing sophisticated, expensive, enterprise-grade security, compliance and cloud infrastructure experts without having the budget to add many IT experts to a fulltime staff. On a per-user percentage of revenue basis, and if they want the best IT resources, these companies must disproportionately over-spend on IT because they have the same requirements as their behemoth counterparts (from a security, regulatory and compliance point of view). NuveStack levels the playing field, allowing all of our customers (no matter how large or small) to take advantage of our world class IT experts. NuveStack Customers spend less, eliminate IT work cycles and upgrade to the same enterprise-grade IT security as Fortune 500 companies.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

NuveStack can ensure your business is Disaster-Proof and can continue without disruption under any conditions. When your entire business runs from NuveStack’s Cloud, a local disaster at your office building won’t affect your data or business continuity. Your employees can get back to work from home or another location within minutes.

NuveCenter automates backup, redundancy and failover. All NuveCenter datacenters feature multiple hardware and software redundancies with no single points of failure. Your data is automatically replicated in at least 2 separate datacenters. NuveStack also offers an inexpensive multiregional Disaster Recovery option ensuring your data is also backed up in more than one geographical region in the event a natural disaster disrupts service across an entire region.

Data Storage

Yes. You don’t need to subscribe to any of NuveStack’s other services in order to take advantage of our superior Cloud-based storage.

At NuveStack, we only roll with the fastest, most resilient infrastructure possible. Your data is stored on all-Flash SSDs configured for optimum throughput without any bottlenecks.

Yes. Each datacenter features full redundancies. For an additional measure of safety, your data is automatically replicated in near real time across two individual datacenters. Data may be encrypted at rest and in motion.

Cloud Workstations (Managed DaaS/VDI)

DaaS stands for Desktop as a Service. It’s a term for a Cloud-based Windows Workstation which means you can now access and use your fully supported business computer anytime, anywhere from any mobile device because your Windows PC desktop lives in the Cloud.

NuveStack is a subscription-based service so there are no large up-front expenses, and you only pay a fixed low monthly fee per user. With a NuveStack Cloud Workstation, you’ll never have to buy, provision, maintain, update or manage another Windows PC again.

With traditional VDI, the customer owns, manages and supports the hardware with their own IT staff. With DaaS, the hardware is hosted in a Cloud but the customer’s IT staff still manages and support it. NuveStack runs all of your WorkStations from our Cloud, then automates and simplifies all the management and support tasks typically handled by IT staff, so our Customers have no management headaches for their business computing when using our Cloud Workstations.

A good DaaS/Cloud-Workstation solution – a real DaaS/Cloud-Workstation solution - gets Customers out of the desktop and infrastructure management business forever. If a Customer still has to manage their desktop(s) and users, it can’t be a true “as a Service” offering. Our competitors’ DaaS offerings only switch physical desktop management headaches with virtual desktop or cloud services headaches. Not cool or cost effective. We are the market’s only true DaaS/Cloud Workstation offering because our NuveCenter software automates all the setup, management and support for our Customers and NuveStack handles all ongoing updates, maintenance and management, so our customers have zero management headaches.

Licensing is automated by NuveCenter and included in the offering at no additional cost.

No. With NuveCenter there is no need for technical training, set up, engineers or infrastructure. Even your CEO can manage users with NuveCenter!

NuveStack provides you with 20 GB of storage for each user or seat, for every 30 GB of storage you add for an individual user or seat beyond that, it’s an additional $4.99 per month.

Yes. NuveStack includes Microsoft Office Standard for no additional charge on every desktop.

Adobe Acrobat Reader, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Dropbox, OneDrive, Spotify and Skype. We’ll keep adding more free apps over time.

Yes! ONE, that’s all. Ok, so maybe that is not really a minimum.

Of course! No worries. During the initial onboarding and set-up process you just let us know what you need, what you want to make available to your users, and we will get you set up with your custom desktop profiles before you go live. If, down the road, you find you need additional apps, no problem, we have you covered. NuveStack will virtualize the app for you upon request. A one-time setup fee may apply (depending on the app and its complexity). The new app will then appear in your NuveCenter app catalog console. You can choose which of your organization’s users have permission to use the new app by clicking a few boxes in your NuveCenter console.

A customer can terminate a contract at any time if there is a service related issue that we are unable to resolve.

Yes. We are committed to assisting you with onboarding and getting you up and running as quickly as possible. One of the features that makes NuveStack stand out above the competition is that we will handle the migration process completely for you.

There is a one-time onboarding migration charge per user. Cost is dependent on the volume of data and the complexity of the cloud migration.

On-site support is always an option but it is likely unnecessary. After the onboarding process we can manage most of our Customers’ infrastructure pieces remotely.

If a situation arises where a Customer needs assistance outside of our offering, a NuveStack Cloud-IT expert or a NuveStack Partner representative will go onsite to help as needed. This may result in additional service charges.

A NuveStack Thin Client is an inexpensive mini PC that serves only as a workstation terminal allowing a user access to his or her NuveStack Cloud Workstation. Thin Clients require no configuration and no local maintenance. Just connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse and network cable, then log in with your NuveStack credentials. NuveStack also supports the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model. That means our Cloud Workstations can work on any device! (Your own Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device.)

Apps, Databases & Cloud Infrastructure

NuveCloud is the name for the Cloud Infrastructure that encompasses all NuveStack products. NuveCloud is the fastest and most resilient Cloud Infrastructure available today with unmatched throughput and redundancy.

Managed or unmanaged virtual servers, Cloud storage, Windows apps, backend apps, and database instances.

An Unmanaged Service is similar to what most Cloud Providers offer today in that we ensure your Cloud infrastructure is always on but your IT staff is responsible for OS management, patching and app updates/management. If you select our Managed Service, our IT staff and our software automation keeps your resources updated, patched and fully maintained for you.

You can choose to utilize any one product on a stand-alone basis if desired. But, we think that once you experience the outstanding speed and resiliency of any NuveCloud product, you’ll want to migrate all of your infrastructure to NuveCloud.

Cloud IT - Total IT Management

For the first time in history, it’s now possible to directly run and/or manage every piece of an office’s IT infrastructure from the Cloud (network, servers, shared storage, users, backend databases/apps, printers, phones, and even the Windows PC itself). This holistic view of a fully-managed, cloud-centric model is what we call Cloud-IT. NuveStack can migrate all of your servers, Windows Workstations, and data to our Cloud then manage all aspects of your office IT infrastructure for you at a low fixed monthly rate. NuveStack can then act as a Virtual IT Backbone for your business giving you enterprise-grade service, performance and security without the cost you would pay to hire sophisticated and expensive IT resources on your own.

What makes Cloud-IT possible is NuveStack’s unique ability to automate, control, and manage the 3 main categories of the IT world —Infrastructure, Network and End Point devices—all under one big Cloud-based roof. All of these services are managed by NuveCenter, NuveStack’s powerful User Management tool.

With a NuveStack Cloud-IT solution your business will:

  • Save money on total IT spend
  • Gain access to previously unaffordable enterprise-grade security features
  • Stop worrying about regulatory compliance (HIPAA, FINRA, etc.)
  • Reduce or eliminate local IT resources
  • Consume less electricity at the office
  • Always have high-performing, updated, secure, and maintained PCs and IT infrastructure
  • Benefit from higher employee productivity
  • Maintain greater business continuity
  • Never lose data or suffer downtime from a local or regional natural disaster